Cleft & Facial Plastics

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

Although rare, some children are born with altered lip and palate anatomy. Left untreated, these changes can alter a child’s speech and physical development. Physicians at Peak ENT are trained in cleft lip and palate surgery. They can help guide children and their families through the treatment process via a coordinated and multidisciplinary approach, ensuring that each child achieves their goals and full potential.

Otoplasty / Ear pinning

If your child was born with large, protruding or disproportionate ears and is being teased by their peers, consider consulting a Peak ENT physician. Ear plastic surgery (otoplasty) can be performed to alter or “pin back” the ears, bringing balance to the child’s ears and facial features.

Facial Scars

Facial scars often result following an accident, injury or even surgery. Different scar types require different treatments, which are performed by specially trained physicians at Peak ENT. Children with reduced facial scars may gain more confidence in their appearance, especially as they enter young adulthood.