Ear & Hearing

Pediatric Hearing Loss

Peak ENT physicians and audiologists are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to children with hearing loss. Depending on the type and severity of hearing loss, as well as the child’s and family’s goals, our team may recommend a variety of hearing solutions, including hearing aids, cochlear implants or other hearing devices and surgeries. We can also help patients and families identify resources in their schools and communities to help them achieve their language and communication goals.

Cochlear Implantation

If a child has significant hearing loss, Peak ENT physicians may recommend a formal cochlear implant evaluation by our team of specialists. This often includes detailed hearing tests, imaging studies, and assessment by experts in speech and language development. Cochlear implant surgery is typically performed as same-day surgery, though an over-night stay may be recommended.

Otitis Media (ear infections / ear tubes)

Although small in size, a child’s ear infection can be a big deal. Ear infections are very uncomfortable for a child and can disrupt a family's sleep and work schedule. Peak ENT pediatric physicians have looked in thousands of kid-sized ears and know how to consult with parents on the best treatment, including ear tube surgery.


Sometimes a small piece of skin becomes trapped within the middle ear where it isn’t supposed to be. This unwanted skin frequently leads to ear drainage, infection and hearing loss. It can also cause loss of balance, facial weakness and other serious complications. Peak ENT physicians and audiologists are trained to treat children with cholesteatomas and their complications.